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Keep Illegal Activity  Off Rental Property
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About Crime Free

Keep Illegal Activity Off Rental Property

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Executive Director - Timothy L. Zehring

Executive Officers - 2018

Executive Director:  Timothy L. Zehring
E-Mail Tim

Secretary / Treasurer: Samantha Scheurn
E-Mail - 619-579-4227

About the Crime Free Association

The International Crime Free Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to those whose mission is related to the goal and purpose of the Crime Free Programs.

Our goal is to help any persons involved with all types of rental properties, by expanding their knowledge of the Crime Free Programs through training, networking, information sharing, and assistance with on-going and newly formed Crime Free Programs.

This Association is also dedicated to helping those who do not have a local or state Crime Free Association, but they are interested in starting one. This Association may also be able to help you with grant writing (to help make your program even more successful).

The International Crime Free Association is a partnership between law enforcement, rental property owners and managers, business owners, and experts in many specialty fields. The Crime Free Programs and combined expertise of members are dedicated to make rental property and businesses reasonably safe places to live and work.

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How Is The Association Structured?

The Association is governed by two full-time members on the Board of Directors. Other board members are part-time and serve for one year. Board members are appointed and serve at the will of the Executive Director. The outgoing Executive Director appoints the incoming Executive Director, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Links to our Associate Members

International Crime Free Association
El Cajon Police Dept - Samantha Scheurn
100 Civic Center Way
El Cajon, CA 92020

Timothy L. Zehring, Executive Director
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