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Keep Crime Off Rental Property

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Train-theTrainer Certifications

  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Crime Free Rental Housing
  • Crime Free Condominiums
  • Crime Free Mobile-Housing
  • Crime Free RV Parks
  • Crime Free Self-Storage
  • Crime Free Hotel-Motel
  • Crime Free Lifestyles
  • Crime Free Business

Next Certification Training

Aurora, Colorado October 17-19, 2017


State Trainer

As a State Trainer, you will be certified by the association to teach the Crime Free Program to any agency within your state. You can get this training as part of the program presentation, when you request that we bring the Crime Free Program course to you.

The other option is to receive this training at one national location, to be determined, by the need for it. In the past, the Train-the-Trainer program has been held in Mesa, Arizona.

The State Trainer concept is the most widely used, because most officers will limit their training to the state they are in. By attending this training, the only ones in the session are officers being certified. You will spend time on administrative issues as well as sharing ideas on how to teach the program.

The session will look something like this:

  • Day 1 - Observe an 8-hour manager training course
  • Day 2 - Work on teaching concepts and CPTED ideas
  • Day 3 - Administrative details of the program

National Trainer

As a National Trainer, you will be able to teach across the country anywhere the program is needed. If you desire to receive a National certification, there are some additional hours, past the State Trainer level, needed to receive this certification.

National Trainer Requirements:

  • Individual must be certified law enforcement
  • Must be a Crime Free Coordinator for at least five years
  • Must be involved in Crime Free Training within your own state
  • Must be willing to travel on a national level from time to time.
  • Must apply to and be approved by the Executive Director, ICFA

We will certify a National Trainer on an as needed basis. In other words, when our pool of instructors decreases in size, we will add to that pool. Currently, all current and past Crime Free Association Board members are certified National Trainers. We have two or three additional trainers, as well. This certification demands more time on the part of the trainer. For example, you may find yourself spending two, three, and maybe four days with a requesting agency if they have the need for a program to be presented or request multiple programs.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, email:

Executive Director

Crime Free Programs Train-The-Trainer Workshop
October 17-19, 2017

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