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Crime Free RV Parks

Keep Illegal Activity Off Rental Property

Crime Free RV Parks Program

The Crime Free RV Parks Program was developed in March of 1999 in Page, Arizona. It is a unique, three-prong approach to fighting crime by bringing police officers, owners, managers, and residents together. The Crime Free RV Parks Program is a three-phase certification program, designed specifically for the RV Park community. This police sponsored program is designed to be very easy, yet extremely effective, at reducing criminal activity in RV Park communities.

Phase One: Training

Property owners, managers, leasing staff, maintenance personnel and others on the management team should attend the entire training program. It is also recommended that police officers attend the training to understand the civil nature of rental communities, and to establish a rapport with managers of these communities.

The Crime Free RV Parks Program addresses these topics:

  • Understanding Crime Prevention
  • C.P.T.E.D. Concepts
  • The Partnership
  • Lease Addendum
  • Combating Crime Problems
  • Active Property Management
  • The Application Process
  • Dealing with Non-Compliance

After completing the Phase-One training program, each participant will receive a certificate which has been signed by the chief of police. The certificate is also signed by the program coordinator of the Crime Free RV Parks Program, who sponsors the training. This certificate is to be immediately framed and displayed in the leasing office or in a prominent place where applicants are sure to see it. Prospective residents should be told as soon as possible that the property management is working with the police to keep the community healthy.

Participating managers should also begin immediate implementation of the Crime Free Lease Addendum, which is the backbone of the Crime Free RV Parks Program. This addendum to the lease cites specific actions that will be taken by management if a resident or anyone visiting the resident is involved in illegal or dangerous activity on or near the rental property.

Managers must inform applicants that they have joined the Crime Free RV Parks Program and explain the Crime Free Addendum in detail. The applicant should be informed before they turn in the application or pay any fees or deposits. Every prospective resident must be treated exactly the same as the others. It is important to develop office policies to ensure this.

Phase Two: CPTED Inspection

In the second phase of the program, a representative of the police department will inspect the property to assess physical security and general appearance. If the property meets the agency's requirements, a second certificate will be issued signed by the chief of police and the program coordinator.

This certificate will certify that the property has met the minimum-security requirements of the Crime Free RV Parks Program.

Minimum CPTED Security Requirements:

  • Certificates & Signs Displayed
  • Applicant Screening
  • Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Park Rules Enforced
  • Minimum CPTED Requirements in all park facilities and grounds
  • CPTED in Rules & Regulations for individual rental spaces

If the property does not meet the mandatory CPTED requirements, the management will be informed of needed changes and a follow-up inspection will be conducted.

Phase Three: Safety Social

In the third and final phase of the program, the sponsoring law enforcement agency will conduct a "Safety Social" for residents. This will include information about general safety techniques, principles, and crime prevention. This will also give law enforcement the opportunity to explain the Crime Free RV Parks Program to the residents of the RV Park community.

Management is responsible for providing food, non-alcoholic drinks and entertainment for this event. It is also recommended that property managers raffle door prizes as an added incentive to draw residents to the meeting. A certificate will be issued at the Safety Social to demonstrate to the residents that management is committed, and has completed all three phases of the program.

Full Certification

Once fully certified, the property manager will receive a certificate. After completion of the safety social, the management can post the Crime Free RV Parks Program metal signs on the property. It is recommended that one sign be posted at each entrance to the property where prospective residents will see them.

Sign Registration

There is a one-time registration fee of approximately $25.00 for each sign (to cover costs). The signs are the property of the sponsoring police agency, and permission to display the sign can be revoked if the property is sold or the management no longer meets the requirements of the Crime Free RV Parks Program. It is the responsibility of the management to maintain and replace all lost or damaged signs. Contact the Crime Free Program Coordinator if this occurs.

The use of the Crime Free RV Parks Program logo in all advertisements is an added incentive to reach full certification. The logo may also be used on company letterheads, business cards and associated paperwork. This logo has achieved a very high level of recognition in the United States and Canada. It has proven very effective in attracting honest residents looking for safe housing. It has worked equally well to discourage those looking for a RV Park community to conduct criminal activities.

Property Referrals

An additional advantage to being fully certified is that people can call the police department or the Chamber of Commerce for a list of fully certified properties.

Annual Renewal

To maintain membership in the Crime Free RV Parks Program each RV Park must receive an Annual renewal Certificate. To receive the renewal certificate the following must be accomplished:

  • Attend training seminar
  • Maintain CPTED requirements
  • Host safety social
  • 100% of residents on Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Applicant Screening
  • Display Crime Free RV Parks signs and certificates


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