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Crime Free Self-Storage

Keep Illegal Activity Off Rental Property

Crime Free Self- Storage

The Crime Free Self-Storage Program was designed to help renters, owners, and managers of mini-storage properties keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property. This program is honest and direct. It is solution oriented. It is designed to be easy, yet very effective in reducing the incidents of crime in mini-storage properties.

The program utilizes a unique three-part approach that ensures the crime prevention goal, while maintaining an approach, which is very customer friendly. See Mini-Storage Success Stories.

Phase One involves a four-hour seminar presented by the police and fire departments. Phase Two will certify that the self-storage facility has met the security requirements of the Mesa Police Department. After full certification, the managers will be granted the use of large metal signs for display on the property. The management will also be granted the use of the police department's program logo in all advertisements.


  • A stable, more satisfied tenant base
  • Increased demand in storage facilities with a reputation for active management
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Peace of mind that comes from spending more time on routine management and less time on crisis control
  • Appreciative renters
  • Reduced criminal activity Increased property recovery rate by police

When criminals and other destructive tenants operate out of mini-storage properties, landlords and tenants pay a high price.

That price may include

  • Property damage arising from abuse, burglaries and police raids
  • Fire resulting from storage of dangerous materials
  • Civil penalties, including temporary closure of the property -- or even property seizure
  • Loss of rent during the eviction and repair periods
  • Fear and frustration when dealing with dangerous and threatening tenants
  • Increased resentment and anger between renters and property managers
  • The loss of other valued renters
  • Decrease in demand for storage units
  • Thousands of dollars in stolen property.

Prevention Techniques

  • Preparing the property so it does not attract crime
  • Applicant screening procedures
  • Rental agreements
  • Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Warning signs of illegal activity
  • Actions you must take if you discover illegal activity at your property

Proven Management Techniques

  • On-going management
  • Spotting illegal activity
  • Evictions Working with the police
  • How to become a pro-active property manager
  • Crisis resolution

Property Protection

  • C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Fire Safety

Resource Materials

  • Police Department issued literature addressing criminal activity in mini-storage facilities
  • Fire Department issued literature addressing fire safety in mini-storage facilities

Renter's Obligation To Provide

  • Valid Photo I.D.
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address and Telephone Number
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • A police accepted padlock for use on the storage locker

NOTE: Renter must also maintain a current inventory of contents inside the storage locker

Property Manager's Obligations

  • Attend the four-hour training course
  • Require tenants to use police accepted padlocks on the storage locker
  • Require the use of break away tape on all locks
  • Keep all empty lockers locked
  • Post official "No Trespassing" signs in visible locations on the property and prosecute all violations
  • Patrol the property at least daily to deter and discover criminal activity
  • Provide police random access 24-hours a day to storage facility to patrol the property and walk through facility with drug detection dogs
  • Provide the police department's Criminal Investigations Division (CID) with monthly lists of new tenants
  • Require renters to sign the Crime Free Lease Addendum

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