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  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Crime Free Rental Housing
  • Crime Free Mobile Housing
  • Crime Free Condominiums
  • Crime Free Self-Storage
  • Crime Free Hotel-Motel
  • Crime Free RV Parks
  • Crime Free Lifestyles
  • Crime Free Business

Membership Application

Crime Free Association

Name: _________________________________

Rank/Title: _____________________________

Agency/Company: ________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________

City: _________________ State/Province: ____

Postal/ZIP Code: _________ Country: ________

Phone Number: _________________________

Fax Number: ___________________________

E-Mail Address: _________________________

Your Agency Has Implemented:

  • Multi-Housing ___
  • Condominium ___
  • Mobile Housing ___
  • Hotel/Motel ___
  • Mini-Storage ___
  • Lifestyles ___
  • Rental Housing ___
  • Business ___

Membership Dues

A. Regular Membership $ 50.00 (US$)
Law Enforcement and On-Site Property Manager

1. active member of a law enforcement agency and/or
2. currently manages a (Crime Free participating) property.

B. Agency Membership $ 200.00 (US$)
Crime Prevention Association or Law Enforcement Agency

1. for the Board of an incorporated crime prevention association
2. for 5 or more members of the same law enforcement agency

C. Associate Membership $ 500.00 (US$)
Generally reserved for other than above. This includes:
1. Property Management Companies and their employees (not for on-site mgrs.)
2. Those providing goods/service to Property Management Companies
a. private security / alarm companies
b. credit and criminal history providers
c. attorneys
d. process servers
e. security consultants,
f. etc.
3. Those providing goods/services to law enforcement

Submit Payment To:

International Crime Free Association, Inc.

C/O Timothy L. Zehring
Executive Director
PO Box 1146
Higley, AZ 85236

Sorry, No Personal Checks Can Be Accepted

Government agencies must use the Crime Free Programs Trademark Names and Copyright Materials to be a member of the International Crime Free Association


International Crime Free Association
Attn: Timothy L. Zehring
PO Box 1146
Higley, AZ 85236

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