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Membership Information

International Crime Free Association

Types of Memberships:

Regular Members: Employed in a police agency or rental property management. $50 per year.

Police Agency Members: Five or more Regular Members of the same municipal, county, state/province or federal government agency. $200 per year.

Crime Prevention Association Members: Board members of a crime prevention association. Regular Membership dues are not required if the Agency or Association Membership dues are paid.

Agency Members: Crime Prevention Association or Law Enforcement agencies. Association or Regular Member can vote for and hold office as Regional Board Members. They may also serve on various advisory committees such as the Annual Conference Committee or the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, with the exception that property management members cannot vote or hold office.

Associate Members: Are product vendors, consultants, suppliers, or other professionals who offer services or products to rental properties or agencies participating in the Crime Free Programs. $500 per year.

Owners and managers of various rental properties and those who provide services and/or products to various rental properties participating in the Crime Free Programs may be eligible for Associate Membership.

Associate Members shall be privileged to attend the Annual International Crime Free Association Conferences free of registration costs, less promotional materials.

As space permits, and at the sole discretion of the Annual Conference Committee, only Associate Members may be granted the opportunity to set up a display booth or information table during the Annual Crime Free Conference.

Honorary Members: Selected by the Executive Officers of International Crime Free Association and shall be privileged to attend the Annual International Crime Free Association Conferences free of registration costs, less promotional materials.

Annual Membership Dues:

Annual dues are required for membership in the International Crime Free Association. The funds are used to offset the costs of maintaining this non-profit association, which includes the sponsorship of annual training programs and expanding our customer support services to our members.

Membership Application Form

Annual Dues are payable any time (in U.S. Funds only). All memberships are active for a period of one year after the receipt of membership dues.

Only MEMBERSHIP DUES can be paid here. (Please use a major credit card.) Do not pay for training workshops here! (Please go to our TRAINING WORKSHOPS tab.)

Select Member Type:

After paying via PayPal:

  • Please complete the Membership Application
  • Print the PayPal receipt

    Mail, E-mail both documents to:
  • Timothy L. Zehring
  • Attn: I.C.F.A.
  • P.O. Box 1146
  • Higley, AZ 85236
  • eMail:

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International Crime Free Association
Attn: Timothy L. Zehring
PO Box 1146
Higley, AZ 85236

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