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Lifestyles Program

Crime Prevention Education for Homeowners

Crime Free Lifestyle Program Benefits

  • Excellent Way to Educate Homeowner
    • awareness of crime trends
    • crime reductions
    • less patrol response
    • less investigations
    • less prosecutions
  • Cost Efficient Alternative to Block Watch
  • Provides Financial Incentive to Residents
  • Annual Incentive to Renew Membership
  • Every Resident Can Achieve Certification
  • Crime Free Lifestyles Commitment

Why Offer the Crime Free Lifestyle Program

  • Single Family Home Owners
    • larger financial investment
    • longer-term investment
    • committed to the neighborhood
  • Old 50% Blockwatch Participation Rule Does Not Apply
    • no citizens denied
    • participation despite neighbors’ apathy
    • every citizen has the opportunity to become “fully certified”
    • Finanacial Incentive to Stay Active—(W.I.I.F.M.)

Eyes and Ears -- Just the Beginning!

  • Block watch principles are still presented!
    • also teach new principles beyond eyes and ears
    • teaches a complete Crime Free Lifestyle
    • family security & safety
    • dumpster divers
    • check washing
    • home invasions
    • identity theft
    • internet crimes
    • fraudulent schemes
    • methamphetamine labs
    • auto theft / Watch Your Car

Educational Opportunities

  • 9-1-1 Operator
    • priority dispatch system
    • number of calls for service
    • number of cars on the street
  • Beat officer
    • patrol procedures
    • requesting fingerprints
  • K-9 officer—Interesting Demonstrations
  • Narcotics
    • recognizing illegal activity
    • reporting illegal activity
    • education for parents
  • Citizens Academy Principle
    • extremely popular
    • extremely progressive
    • possible a passing fancy
  • NOT a “cookie cutter” program (Like the CFMHP)
    • your region has similar crimes as nation
    • your region has different crimes than nation
    • your region may not be affected by some crimes

Another Three Phase Program

  • Phase One—Training Program
    • one night per week / Saturday
    • 2-3 hours (as desired)
    • 4-8 weeks (as desired)
    • 8 to 24 hours total (as desired)
    • held at a Community Center
    • resident must complete training program
    • receives certificate of completion
  • Phase Two—CPTED Requirements
    • eyeviewers
    • solid core or metal clad doors
    • deadbolts on exterior doors
    • high security strike plates
    • exterior hinges must be pinned
    • landscaping to police requirements
    • dusk to dawn lighting-motion detectors
    • lift and slide protection on sliding doors / windows
  • Phase Three—The Crime Free Commitment
    • residents sign the Crime Free Commitment
    • agree to secure their home when leaving
    • agree to secure vehicles / remove valuables
    • agree to secure bicycles / lawnmower / tools
    • agree to close the garage door when unattended
    • agree to engrave valuable with Operation Identification
    • agree to inventory valuables / record model & serial numbers
    • police department issues certificate for one-year insurance discount
    • police department issues static cling window decals / Lifestyle Signs
  • Other Insurance discounts based on honor system like:
    • non-smoker’s home insurance policy
    • non-alcohol / drug user life insurance policy
    • registered owner only driver’s insurance policy

Disadvantages of the Old Block Watch Program

  • Some Agencies Have Discontinued Block Watch
    • matter of “more officers on the street”
    • departments face budgeting issues
    • doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”
    • there is a reasonable alternative
  • Block Watch / Neighborhood Watch
    • 50% Participation Rule
    • the police conduct many meetings
    • no program without 50% of neighbors
    • many people are still denied membership
  • Eyes and Ears Principles
    • observe and report
    • intended to be a “proactive” principle
    • in reality, it is mostly a “reactive” principle
    • requires people to “watch”
    • just “want that sign!”
    • residents become apathetic
    • self-defeating program
    • residents move away
  • Very Labor Intensive = Very Expensive
    • multiple block watch officers
    • cost of salaries cost of benefits
    • cost of gasoline
    • cost of automobiles
  • multiple speakers go to multiple neighborhoods
    • several meetings in one night
    • duplication of effort is expensive
    • meet with small groups
    • ratio of 12:1not uncommon
    • ratio of 100:1 more cost effective

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